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Greg Grunberg has promised that the fourth season finale of Heroes will be "dark". The 43-year-old actor, who plays Matt Parkman on the NBC series, told DS that his ...

TV Junkie

I was hopeful that this show would not, as they say, "jump the shark", but I think it has. I have not finished season four quite yet, but the story lines from Shane ...

TV Junkie

FX’s Atlanta is like nothing I have seen on television before. I’ve seen article’s calling it a comedy and while there are comedic moments. it’s quite a bit ...

scott - majortvjunkie

Scott. 24. Chicago. Snapchat/Instagram: Majortvjunkie ... The way the Facebook algorithm shows only certain, typically like-minded people’s posts is only making the ...

Buzz Gift Guide: The Reality TV Junkie | …

Today's holiday gift guide focuses on items for reality TV junkies — your friends and family members who can't get enough Big Brother, want to try out for The ...
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Memoirs of a TV Junkie

Memoirs of a TV Junkie Wednesday, December 05, 2012. The Further Shenanigans of Cold Con.

Diary of TV Junkie

Diary of TV Junkie ...not finding the remote is a pretty big problem in my world... I love and hate TV at the same time!

TV Junkie (2006) | | ffilms.org

Watch movies online free stream: TV Junkie (2006) A man tries to discover his purpose in life after searching through 3000 hours of video and over 5000

The (Original) Reality TV Junkie

Writer Shayna Sobol recaps your favorite reality TV shows with honesty and sass.

Start-Up Junkies - TV.com

Innebygd video · Start-Up Junkies is a web reality series from Mojo that profiles CEO/Entrepreneur and start-up junkie Ron Wiener and his new project. Earth Class …